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Ice Ring - Cool Yourself Down This Summer

Ice Ring - Cool Yourself Down This Summer

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How Does it Work?

The Ice Ring is filled with PCM, which is short for Phase Change Material, and is solid in room temperature and just slightly below the human body temperature.

This makes it perfect for cooling as it's not too cold to touch.

How Long Does it Stay Cool?

This duration depends on the weather conditions and external temperature.

Typically anywhere between 1-3 hours is normal.

Note: if the weather is extremely hot, then the duration might be shorter

How do I freeze it up?

You can freeze it up by putting it anywhere with a temperature of less than 28°C or 82.4 °F

  • Air conditioned room
  • Iced water
  • Tapwater
  • Fridge

Note: after cooling with using your fridge, please stop using immediately if you feel like it's too cold for you!

Have a cool summer with the Ice Ring™. This revolutionary product from Japan provides relief from sweltering heat, with its ice ring that freezes under tap water, or when exposed to temperatures under 28 °C or 82.4 °F. Wear it around your neck to keep cool and enjoy the summer. 


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Your Ultimate Summer Companion!

Crafted with state-of-the-art cooling technology, the Ice Ring automatically freezes when the temperature is below 28°C (82.4°F).

As soon as you wear it around your neck, you'll feel an instant wave of cooling reliefyet not too cold.

Say goodbye to sweaty discomfort and welcome a constant breeze of refreshing coolness, making every outdoor adventure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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Make the Ice Ring YOURS.

Make the ice ring yours today and step into a world of refreshing coolness wherever you go ~

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Versatile and Adventure-Ready :)

The Ice Ring is not just a fashion statement; it's built to withstand all your outdoor escapades.

Whether you're hiking, camping, cycling, or even attending sports events, this innovative cooling companion will keep you comfortable and refreshed throughout.

It's lightweight, portable, and incredibly durable, making it the ideal choice for any adventure enthusiast.

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Embrace a Cool Summer.

Don't let the scorching heat put a damper on your summer plans. With the Ice Ring, you have the power to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying every moment of the sun-drenched season.

Embrace the coolness, experience unparalleled comfort, and make memories that will last a lifetime with the Ice Ring by your side.

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