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QuadTurbo Jacket - 4x Power, 4x Coolness

QuadTurbo Jacket - 4x Power, 4x Coolness

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How does It Work?

The Turbo Wind Breaker utilizes built-in fans at the back, powered by a USB port, to blast a refreshing breeze that keeps you cool during outdoor activities.

Simply connect the fans to a portable power bank of your choice, turn it on using the controller, and enjoy the on-demand airflow for a comfortable and refreshing experience.

How long can you use it for? How do I charge it?

The Turbo Jacket series features built-in fans powered by a USB cable, allowing you to connect them to any portable power bank of your choice for a refreshing breeze on-demand. An inner pocket has been engineered to contain the power bank!

With its energy-efficient design, the Turbo Jacket can easily provide up to 10 hours of cooling comfort when connected to a 5000 mA power bank, the typical one found in stores.

Please note that for shipping safety, a power bank is not included with your order, but you can ensure longer usage by purchasing a larger power bank or carrying multiple power banks with you.

Can I wash it using a washing machine?


The built-in fans are engineered to be removable. Please remove the fans by twisting it prior to popping your turbo jacket into the washing machine!

Please also remove the power bank from your pockets before using the washing machine to wash your jacket.

Imagine wearing FOUR FANS in the summer... 

4x the power, Quadruple the coolness...

Quadruple your cooling with our QuadTurbo Jacket! With 4 powerful built-in fans and mesh material, it helps keep you cool in all types of weather and activities. It is powered by any power bank of your choice and a USB connection, so you won't be left in the heat. Enjoy a cool breeze all day long.

Who is this for?

This version is designed specifically for contractors, drivers, landscapers, and just any one who needs to work outside in the heat! 

Although you are welcome to wear it also if you just want some more turbo cooling!

What is a Kuchofuku?

Kuchofuku, literally meaning Air Conditioned Jacket is a groundbreaking wearable technology, has been successfully utilized in Japan for over a decade. Combining clothing and climate control, it integrates built-in fans and advanced materials to enable individuals to effectively manage their personal coolness and comfort whenever and wherever. 

Our Turbo Vest is a type of modern Kuchofuku that is designed with fashion and engineered with utility. 

What does my order come with?

  • QuadTurbo Jacket x 1
  • Removable Fans x 2
  • Controller & Wire x 1


Unisex Sizing

Size Body Length Shoulder Width Sleeve Length
S 65 cm / 25.6 inch 46.5 cm / 18.3 inch 58 cm / 22.8 inch
M 69 cm / 27.2 inch 49.5 cm / 19.5 inch 61 cm / 24.0 inch
L 71 cm / 28.0 inch 51 cm / 20.1 inch 62 cm / 24.4 inch
XL 73 cm / 28.7 inch 52.5 cm / 20.7 inch 63 cm / 24.8 inch
2XL 77 cm / 30.3 inch 54 cm / 21.3 inch 66 cm / 26.0 inch


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Designed By Professionals, For Professionals.

The QuadTurbo Jacket is specifically engineered for professionals who brave the elements in their daily work.

With its four powerful turbo fans positioned strategically on the back, this advanced jacket provides optimal airflow and ventilation, making it the ideal choice for outdoor professionals, including truck drivers, delivery drivers, landscapers, and more, ensuring their comfort and productivity in any weather condition.

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Stay Cool. Get Turbo!

Make This QuadTurbo YOURS!

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Cool Breeze Unleashed... While Working!

No matter what you are doing in the summer, the Turbo Vest stands by your side as the ultimate companion, providing you with the most invigorating airflow experience.

With the FOUR built-in turbo fans, this groundbreaking design produces an on-demand refreshing breeze, effortlessly enabling you to control your body temperature and stay comfortable.

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Thin, Light, and INCREDIBLY Breathable.

Engineered with premium, high-performance materials with the utilization of advanced mesh fabric that enhances its breathability, allowing for optimal airflow throughout the garment.

The thin and lightweight composition ensures freedom of movement without compromising on durability.

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